Saturday, October 30, 2010

Resolution - and other things

When I was googling "writing novel resolution" for my "synopsis" post, I got a lot of interesting links.

Resolution: Write a Novel
I like what D-Dub says :-)
I like the blog too. She doesn't say much but it's interesting. On the other hand, I find almost anything said about writing interesting :-D

NaNoWriMo at

Story Structure and Plot
Peder Hill has collected some interesting information about writing.

Three simple resolutions for writers for 2010
1) be realistic, 2) read and 3) write :-D

Writing the novel by Stephanie Gertler
Why do people keep asking "where do you get your ideas"? I get my ideas from the same place everyone else does. Where do you get the ideas of your dreams? Because, everybody dreams, you know. Even if you don't remember dreaming, you do dream. We get the ideas from our lives, what we see, hear, experience, understand and associate. Big deal. The answer is always the same. There is no idea store you order ideas from. Even if there was, you wouldn't be able to use them, if you didn't have ideas of your own.

How to create subplots
I don't think I have been thinking about subplots... maybe that's why I'm good at short stories but not novels :-D

Lisa Gardner: Writer's Toolbox

Resolved: Writing is a job
"The startling conclusion of this experiment was that the more hours he spent working on compositions, the more music he actually composed. I don't know why this struck me as such a radical concept, but it did -- time spent working equals output of work. Amazing!"
ROTFLMAO Indeed... amazing :-D

Sagging Middle Syndrome

Seven elements of novel writing, or, actually, seven tips for novels. You could follow these tips and create a novel outline, if you still wonder what to write.

Combine it with:
The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot
Aunt Sarah's Handy Dandy Plotting Recipe
Randy Ingermanson's Snowflake Method
and Footsteps to a Novel isn't bad either :-D

Fiction Factor: Endings

Quick Fixes for 6 Fiction Writing Weaknesses

Create a Book from Your Columns or Articles

I also learned a couple of new words: Blogel, Blogella and Flogel :-D Now, blogel is a blog-novel, and blogella blog-novella, but what is flogel?

Some writing competitions to keep an eye on...

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest

Yearly, in January

First Crime Novel Competition
Yearly, in Autumn-Winter

Writers and Illustrators of the Future
Quarterly competition

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