Friday, October 15, 2010

Brat Management

I know, "time management" is usually a "bad word" for creative, free spirits like writers :-D But it really isn't. Because we, the creative, free spirits are brats, and we need to grow up.

Sure, there are some positives about having an inner brat, of course. Brats are not only a menace. Dennis was kind of charming in his well-willing energy...

One thing brats are not good at, and that is commitment, work and other "boring" stuff. Responsibility, duties and "sticking to it", not bratty attributes.
Keeping promises - nothing for brats.
Instant gratification, inspiration, new ideas, having fun, now that's what being a brat is all about.
Brats are good at starting things, innovation, pranks and mischievous stuff, daring and doing "stupid things" and "silly things".
Brats are passionate.
Brats get easily frustrated, bored, offended and hurt.
Brats are egocentric, feel quickly that something isn't fair or right.
They should be listened, though, because they are usually right. Listening to your inner brat will save you from burnout, impossible expectations, working too much, and being used. But they shouldn't be in charge.

Having an inner brat is like living with a teenager. They are delightful people, but not capable to take responsibility of needing to take care of the family. In fact, they are in a very vulnerable place and in need of being taken care. Think of children (of any age) as dogs. Dogs need the human to be the ruler of the pack. Your children - inner and outer - need YOU to be the adult, the caretaker, the parent, the responsible party. And just as you won't train animals by whipping them into submission, you don't raise your children by demanding blind obedience under the threat of abuse.

Managing your inner brat is just as difficult as raising your teen-aged child. You need to show your inner brat that she doesn't need to fight to be listened to and heard, that she doesn't need to rebel just to get a chance to have some fun. This is why it's important for you to keep the promises you make to yourself. Set a time, and then not work beyond that time frame, unless your inner brat thinks it's fun. Make a list of possible rewards, things you think are fun to do, like games, going to movies, taking a walk in the park, feeding ducks, going to an amusement park or what ever rocks your boat, and then remember to reward your inner brat for being a good girl and staying put for the time you need to write.

It's Your Inner Brat

Inner Brat in action
Managing my inner brat
embrace your inner brat

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Aleta said...

I think that's why I only go so far with my writing - it's limited to blogging and poetry. I do a lot of crafts, but not creative juices of an author... it's because I've starved my inner brat! I'm a little too responsible. Lol.