Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things that do happen...

I don't feel like writing. Haven't felt like writing the whole year 2011. I suppose this is the way I work.
What I have done is art and crafts. I have FINALLY finished my OWOH 2010 gift for Jennifer. It took only about a year. :-D

Jennifer wanted me to make a portrait of a dog and write "loyal" on it.

I am not happy about this.
When I said I'd make a picture of an animal and emboss any one word on it, I didn't think anyone would ask of a portrait... I don't think I'm good enough to make portraits, especially on animals. Animals to humans look very much the same, but naturally they are just as individual as we humans are, each and every one unique, specific individual. 
I don't know this dog well enough to recognize what makes him different from all the other chow chows, and I'm not even good enough to "copy" a photograph... my picture is too wide, short and teddybearlike, the ears are too big and the nose too little, and I didn't manage to get the square face right... 
So I have been procrastinating and procrastinating, fighting my perfectionism, until I finally told myself that 
a) I have never said I'm good at this. I showed Jennifer examples of my work, and I'm good enough to draw/paint an animal that looks like an animal, and this dog looks like a dog. It's actually a rather good picture of a dog. It's just not a good portrait of this specific dog.
b) I don't get paid. It's a gift. It's not proper to criticize a gift. :-D 
c) I would be pleased with a "portrait" like this of our dog. It would be enough for me that the dog in picture looks like a black-and-white springer spaniel :-D 
I think, hope, Jennifer will be happy with this. After all, it's better to get something, that is less perfect than nothing, how ever perfect it could be :-D

But, guess what? I have managed to misplace Jennifer's address...