Saturday, October 23, 2010

files and folders

I love files and folders :-D
I love 43 folders
I love worksheets

"Buy some manilla folders and label each of them with a chapter number. 90,000 seems like an enormous amount, but achieving small segments of 3,000 words each is a more realistic goal. - Write a short outline for each chapter and paste it inside each folder. - Arrange a plot-line map and stick this on the wall in front of your work space."
- Lee Masterson: Write a Novel in a Month

How to keep a project file

Some people think a project file helps at taming the novel. It is easier to check up the details if you have written it somewhere, not in the novel itself. It is inspiring to look at the collected information, worksheets, drawings, maps, what ever you have in your folder, file, notebook, box...
You might be asked questions about your work, and it is so much easier to do if you have it all in one box
Someone might want to research your work in the future :-D

Stanley Kubrick's Boxes

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