Friday, October 22, 2010

As mentioned, being an Aspie can be an asset...

I found an interesting thread in Wrong Planet... speculations about probable Aspies in the television/movie world :-D

Dr. Temperance Brennan - Cat Woman, Patience Phillips - My Super Ex Girlfriend, Jenny Johnson - Kramer from Seinfeld - Milton from Office Space
Michelle from American Pie - All from 3rd Rock from the Sun - Spock, Star Trek - Data, Star Trek - Dexter, Dexter's Laboratory
mr Bean - Teal'c, Stargate - Adrian from Rocky - River from Firefly - Chloe O'Brian from 24
Peter Parker, Spiderman - Inger from Help Me Help You - Lucius Hunt from The Village - Seymour from Ghost World - Phileas Fogg
Gil Grissom, CSI - Bob Melnikov, Regenesis - Dr. House - Dr. Spencer Reid - Parker, from Leverage
Sheldon, Big Bang - Jerry Espenson, Boston Legal - Mary McDonnell, Grey’s Anatomy - Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice -
Benton Fraser, Due South
Maurice "Moss", The IT Crowd - L from Death Note- Catherine, Washington Square - Dr. Who - Mary Bennet, Pride and Prejudice
Edward Scissorhands - The Thermians, from GalaxyQuest - Gaius Octavia, Rome - Robert Goren from Law & Order: CI - Monsieur Hulot 
Lal, Star Trek - Max Fischer from Rushmore - Charlie Eppes, Numb3rs - Reed Richards, from Fantastic Four - Maximillian Cohen from Pi
Joxer from Xena - Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice -Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks - Dr. Daniel Jackson of Stargate - Steve Urkel from Family Matters
The Lone Gunmen from X-Files - Dr. Cox from Scrubs - Anya Jenkins, the ex-demon, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Abby Sciuto On NCIS - Viktor Navorski from The Terminal 
Ross and Phoebe from Friends - Simon Lynch from Mercury Rising - Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis - Dr. Sayer from Awakenings
Velma from Scooby-Doo - Good Will Hunting - Eugene Tackleberry, Police Academy - Dr. Raymond Stantz from Ghostbusters - Neo, Matrix

Even if these characters were not Aspies, THIS is what an Aspie looks like :-D


Hart Johnson said...

Oh, how interesting! I have two adored friends who are Aspies, and several of the characters you pictured, I totally would have identified that way.

One of these friends I traveled with for two weeks in 2008, and there were times I wanted to shout-"I don't care if I'm technically WRONG, I am trying to be AMUSING' but mostly we had a fabulous time. She is one of my co-writers at Burrowers Books and Balderdash--I wonder if you could identify her.

Are you an Aspie, or just have an interest?

SherilinR said...

i like this post. i think my daughter is an aspie & it's always nice to see others who've made it & been sucessful.

Ketutar said...

Yes, I'm an Aspie :-)
It's in many ways easier for Aspies to "be successful", than Addies (my husband has ADHD), but in other ways... Just what Hart says, it can be very difficult to understand that others are "just joking", practically impossible not to take things "too seriously", and the need of getting things explained "exactly" and "correctly"... My husband calls me a dwarf, because in Terry Pratchett's Discworld Dwarves are all Aspies :-D
It can also be difficult for people to realize that we do have feelings and sense of humor...

I'm sorry, Hart, but I haven't been at Burrows lately, so I couldn't even try to guess :-D But I'm sure my hubby understands totally what you went through :-D Sometimes hair-pullingly irritating and frustrating, but wonderful anyway :-D