Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The difference of reading source

If you write your book on computer, you might want to print out the daily portion every day, so that you can read the paper copy in your bed before sleeping, make notes in the margins, mark the typos and such, and dream about it ;-)

It's really not breaking the "don't read, don't edit" rule, because you are not going to make the changes in the draft. Not yet. That's for the editing part. You are not editing, you are keeping your mind focused in your story.

There are some studies that say people have a specific relation to paper copies, print. For example, people read print faster than they read screen. My husband says he can use his visual memory with paper copies, but not with computer pages.

You should also read out loud what you have written. The ears are remarkable writing tools :-D You will be able to hear if the flow and rhythm of what you have written is ok, but you are not able to see it.

The best 22 writing tips ever

#1 being WRITE!!!


Danette said...

I don't keep very many of the rules about writing- rules are for breaking and produce cookie cutter writers. I do wish I could dream what I'd been writing about-- somehow I've never been able to take my writing into my dreams... even when my writing is in bed with me, under my pillow. :)

Aleta said...

I don't like the computer screen for reading so much, but I like reading from the iPad. Weird, isn't it?

I do read out loud when reading from a computer screen if I want to know that it sounds right... never thought it was part of a writing process though. How funny!

Helena said...

I can get so close to my writing that until I've been away from it for a while I can't read my novel objectively. Since I write on a computer screen, it always helps to review it later in print. And when I see it in more book-style print (not in a double-spaced manuscript), then I can really spot the mistakes.

Hart Johnson said...

I only write via computer when I am doing a WriMo--my creativity paths were formed before the household computer what common, and I spent too many years journaling and writing by hand to give it up easily.

That said--I can't really concentrate on screen to the same degree as I can with a hard copy, so even after typing it up, I have to print a hard copy to FIX it...

Ketutar said...

Yes, many rules, and all but one can be broken. The one being, of course, WRITE!!! :-D

It is weird. Somehow the e-readers are different... I don't get it either :-D

I know the feeling... One gets blind to the own work, having been thinking it, writing it, feeling it so intensively...

I used my sister's old, babyblue typewriter when I was young. :-D
I suppose that makes it easier to adjust writing to the computer. ;-)