Monday, October 25, 2010

Taming your novel

Plotting the novel

Choosing a genre

Why do you need to limit yourself to a genre? Why not just write the book and then define which genre it is?
Of course that can be done, but different genres require different style of writing, and if you are aware of the style of writing, the times when you are sitting there not knowing what to write next get shorter and fewer.
Also, different genres ask different questions about characters, environment etc.
Finally, it's easier to sell your book if it has a clear genre.

types of novels and which one you should choose

But... should you?

never let genre get in the way of a good storyMixing it up

Other things on the subject of taming the novel ;-)

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Organizing the novel writing adventure

Lela Davidson's How to write a novel in six months

What's your motivation?

I love this First Sale interview series at Dear Author, romance writing blog. It's a nice reminder of why one wants to write a novel and get it published too :-D

Setting goals to your writing career
Setting writing goals

Write for the right reasons
Fiction Factor: Motivation

10 disciplines for fiction writers

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Dirgesinger said...

Very inteesting! Many advices are essential - but still, I have some hardships in accepting them, because I am too much of a intuitional writer. maybe that is why I have so many difficulties with the novel I am working on:)