Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to find peace and time to write?

I don't need to work, because I live on disability. I don't have children. I have a dog, but I have a husband too, who is totally capable of taking care of the dog AND feeding me :-D
I really have no excuses.

If you do, you might want to read "Writing on the fly" in The Writers' Magazine. (They ask for registration, but that's free, and you get access to a lot of information you might like)

You also should read How to Find Enough Time To Do Everything You Want

How to find time to learn something new or tackle a passion project

The Writing Parent

The main question is: Do you want to write?
How much do you want to write?
Enough to give up internet and television?
Enough to pay someone to do the cleaning, dishes, laundry...?
Enough to get an au-pair to take care of the kids? Or pay a baby-sitter to watch the children for two hours you can close yourself into your room and write?
Enough to...? Find the time. It's there. If you want to write, that is...

Writing - Find the time or don't

My dream environment for writing would be my bed. I once dreamed about a work room, a light, slightly romantic, with lace gardens, a big window to a beautiful landscape - countryside or garden in suburbs - fresh flowers in a vase... I would be wearing a beautiful kimono... I would sit by the computer and when ever I needed a break, I could lift my eyes and look at the beautiful landscape... and it would be clean and light and airy, and there would be a cup of hot tea by my computer all the time...

Now I know that I work best in my bed. I need a new headboard, a soft one, to lean on.

I also need to clean the bedroom, again... the darnest thing with cleaning is, that you need to keep doing it all the time. Even if one didn't have sloppy habits of leaving all the books, crafts, papers, pens and used tissues all over the tables, chairs and floors, and even if one didn't have a dog who likes to play, there would still be dust and stuff. *sigh*

But I do have a husband who would probably be ready to keep my teacup filled, even if it would not be warm all the times. :-)

Where are you most creative?

P.S. Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom has guest bloggers this month, one of them is Annie Keller of Writers and Witches and  Words, Oh My!, who wrote about Preparing to Write a Novel (Pagan Way)
You can use some of the ideas and adjust them to your own form of spirituality :-)

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