Sunday, October 17, 2010


People are talking so much about the importance of rewarding yourself... 

I have many faults. One of them is that I am codependent. I am horribly codependent. I cannot reward myself, because I am perfectionist, and I never, ever manage to reach "perfect". I also will take the rewarding as a challenge and try to get a perfect reward as well, and that doesn't exist either.

I also suspect that the reward system might not be as good as people say it is. I know I need to reward my inner brat, keep her happy and see that she has good time and fun, if not during the "boring stuff" I need to do, then after, as a reward... "if your homework is done, you can go to the movies with your friends". But... I have AS! I don't go anywhere with my friends! I am not especially fond of such! *sigh*

It's more like this: I love to write. I love the feeling of 10-finger-typing on my laptop. I love the images I get in my head, the stories, the characters... oh I so love the characters... and... I just like writing. So writing in itself would be reward enough.

Anyway, go and grab yourself a badge for this year's NaNo, if you haven't already done that. There are some for just advertising, if you are not participating. But I would encourage you to give it an effort. It really isn't that hard, and then you have done that, and you don't need to think about it again :-D

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Helena said...

Isn't it crazy how much we can love our characters? I find myself writing just to find out what happens to them.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh yeah--the writing IS the reward for me too... if I get done what I need to (or really, even if I don't) then I GET to write!