Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ok... so I'm one of the easily enthusiastic idiots always joining every darn "tempaus" going on... and it's all Watery Tart's fault.

I decided to join NaBloWriMo. (inter)National Blog Writing Month. It's October. Yes, that month in 10 days, that leads to Halloween and NaNoWriMo.

I decided to dedicate my 30 days of blog writing to writing novels :-D

Don't know what to write? There's tons of blog prompts and memes around. It's not going to be a problem.

Are not able to write every day? Well... you can "cheat", and use the "post options" option, and write several blog entries right now. Opt them to post different days of October, and if you CAN post that day, move the pre-written entry to another day.

How to write a good blog post?

Problogger's 10+ tips

  1. Make your opinion known
  2. Link like crazy
  3. Write less
  4. 250 Words is enough
  5. Make Headlines snappy
  6. Write with passion
  7. Include Bullet point lists
  8. Edit your post
  9. Make your posts easy to scan
  10. Be consistent with your style
  11. Litter the post with keywords
And you're off :-)


Hart Johnson said...

*happy dances* Anyone who calls me an enabler and and enticer has my devotion! Thanks for spreading the word! Love your multinational origins, and I think you are the first Finn I've talked to! (half my roots are Scandenavian, but via Norway and Sweden)--It's fabulous to meet you!

Ketutar said...

Tehee :-D Thank you, the same :-)