Tuesday, September 21, 2010

100 Day Writing Challenge

100 Day Writing Challenge

"Your objectives: By then end of the 100 Day Challenge you'll be making at least $200 a day more from your writing than you're making now, and you'll be well on the way to making at least $70 an hour from your writing."

Oh... Right now I don't make a penny from my writing. I wouldn't say no to $200, but I wonder how it's going to happen...

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I am sure I'm worth at least 20 dollar an hour... But it doesn't matter how high *I* prize my skills and capacity, because I don't think I have the skills and capacity desired...

I don't think I know enough of any language to work as a proofreader. It would have worked in Finnish some 10 years ago, but now I have been living in Sweden and daily using not Finnish, so my Finnish is rusty... I'm sure I could learn enough of any language, though, but proofreading is not what I could do, right now.

I might be able to ghostwrite books, but... if I can't manage to even write my own book, how could I ghostwrite? Or write "poetry, novels, short stories, a musical comedy, movie music, and a few other forms."

I don't know anything about annual reports, fundraising letters, speeches, or copywriting. I can learn, but... I don't have any of those skills right now.

Makes me think why the heck do I even think I am a writer :-D Obviously, I can't write :-D

Right now I'm worth 3 dollars an hour... No, I don't live with that. We live mostly on my husband's income. I would most certainly love to change that, but I don't know if I can.

Right now ANY productivity would be increasing productivity.

Also... outsourcing... I have social phobia. Of course it would be ridiculous to hire a $100 writer to do my cleaning and such, but right now I'm not a $100 writer, I'm $3 disabled woman... I suppose that's what he means with the first 2 points :-D

Ad incomes from the blog... now... who reads this blog? And how many of the opportunities you as an American do I, living in Sweden, have? I know it's internet, but still...

I have my specialties, but I believe the people interested, can't pay... on the other hand... why not?
Also, I believe anyone can learn anything and get new specialties... *hmm* I'm just not interested in things like money and computers, but I shouldn't need to be either. A lot of the world is not.

"You can create and sell your own information products, such as books, e-books, subscription Web sites, newsletters, videos, audiocassettes, and special reports."
Eh. I can? I wonder... I'm lousy at marketing, especially my own work. *sigh*

Well... I'm starting to realize what my problem is ;-)

That's actually quite a hefty motivation to start doing things.

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Hart Johnson said...

The articles I see about making an income as a freelance writer have to do with finding magazines, journals, newspapers, e-zines, etc. that pay (usually per word) for articles they publish, and I think it CAN be a very nice income if you have expertise--but more so if your expertise is in something nice and businessy...

The PROBLEM, is I think it is time consuming to DEVELOP expertise. You have to be willing to write from the perspective THEY are looking for. And I think you have to submit a LOT of articles before the stream of accepted articles starts to grow.

Like any writing career, the up-front investment is HUGE (time-wise) and then when you finally get some traction, not as bad.

From my own perspective, I have a day job my family counts on, and if I were to take up FREELANCE stuff, I wouldln't have time for MY writing (though I do have a write-for-hire Cozy Mystery contract--not much money, but a little, plus the right to call myself published some time in the foreseeable future)

Ketutar said...

Yeah... I'm afraid it is so. But, at least, after 100 days I know a little better what I'm made of and what I'm capable of doing.

I will be kicked off disability in November 2011 and it would be nice to have a job like this to fall back on... That gives me a year and 100 days to get at least some expertise and skills... *sigh*