Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elfwood is refusing to log me out :-(

Now, they say you need one account for each area. I joined Elfwood, the artists' area, for already some 10 years ago, and now wanted to join Wyvern's Library as well, as I write stories too. But when I try to join, they log in me automatically, so that I cannot join in with a new name for Wyvern's Library. And Help section is for some weird reason not working. :-(


I don't like this new editing window either. The cursor doesn't show the correct place of itself. Stupid.

So, I'll publish the story here.

It's inspired by "kantylena"s vampire portrait "Let there be darkness"

I was turned into a vampire some thousand years ago... it feels like yesterday and still I can remember every day of those years, every full moon, every winter and the howling of wind and wolves as if it was yesterday...

I was turned Anno Domini 999... The last year before the New Millennium turned in. It made the whole world mad. People were punishing themselves or others to please the angry gods that had allowed the fictional timeline grow into one thousand. Some people killed themselves, others killed others.

I was found by one of the murdering mobs, or let’s say, I found them. I was out gathering something for the family to eat, and when I returned home, I found them there, our home was burning, my family murdered... I can still remember their bloody mouths, breath smelling copper, rot and decay. I was fifteen, and they say pretty, so the mob caught me to play with me. I was raped by most of them, over and over again.
Somehow I managed to gather my strength and take a sword from one of them. It was heavy, and I stumbled. I fell on one of them, and my weight together with the weight of the sword drove the sword straight through his black heart. That was all I could do, and it gave me some kind of odd satisfaction. They had taken my home, my family, my purity, they would eventually kill me, but not without losses. The others just laughed and raped me again. I was left there laying on the ground, half-dead, with the dead man, and the wolves were coming.
With the wolves came a man... his hair was white, long and streapy, his face was covered with cloth, he was wearing an armless tunic, hose, boots and a cloak. He kneeled by me. I was too weak to defend myself, too weak to even care, I just waited for death to come a release me from my pain. He saved me. He drank my blood and forced me to drink his. I died.

When the moon rose I was born again. I woke up feeling wonderful. The wounds, bruises and pain were gone, so were the wolves and the strange man. I felt strong and more alive than I had ever been. The stars shone brighter than ever, I could feel the most tender wind on my skin, I could hear it... I could feel the heartbeat of the earth itself and the song of the universe above me. I also felt the hunger.
I rose up, took the sword where it was stuck in the ribs of the dead man, this time with one hand, and smelled the air. The mob that had raped me could still be tracked, so I started running. I was amazed by my ability to run... it was so natural to me now, as if the earth and air itself had carried me forth, the earth supported my steps, the air held me up in the difficult terrain, and I didn't get tired. I didn't even get breathless.
I let my legs work and examined my new being. I didn't need to breathe. My body breathed, because it was used to breathe, but I could hold my breath for minutes without ever getting to the feeling that I was going to choke. All the time I was running, easy and swiftly, and the scent of the group got stronger.

I came to a village and found the men's horses. They had decided to spend the night in this small village, probably planning on pillaging it in the morning. One by one I tracked them down and killed them. The hunger was so strong I couldn’t help but feeding on some of them before I killed them. Some woke up before I was done, but most didn’t wake up, ever. I felt pity for a young boy, he couldn’t have been much older than I was, and I held my hand. He jumped up and fled screaming into the inn, screaming about a murdering ghost in the stables. I got out of the stables and hid before he had even got the door to the inn open. Soon they all came out, with torches, and went to see if the boy had spoken the truth, and they found all their friends killed, their bodies swimming in blood.
Crawling in the hay with a sword wasn’t easy, so I had snatched a dagger from one of the men. It was easier to handle and the killing went more swiftly. I could move without any noise now, I was just a shadow, a ghost. I slipped behind the men in the darkness and slit their throats. The panic started spreading. Someone set the stables ablaze. They managed to save most of the horses and put them in a pen nearby, and after that they all went inside and locked the doors after them. I let the horses loose and climbed inside through the chimney. It was hot, but I didn’t need to breathe, and the few burns I got healed immediately. My clothes burned and I came out of the fireplace black and naked. The men froze with a horrible look on their faces, but I didn’t wait, I snatched two swords from the closest men and started using them. I don’t know how I knew how to use the swords, but I was effective and it was a great joy. In just a few minutes there was only one living creature in the room, and that was the young boy. He was white as bleached linen, spotted with blood and stained with ashes from the burning stable.
“Do you want to live?” I asked him.
He nodded with big eyes, then shook his head.
“I... I don’t think I do... after this. It’s too much.”
“I understand”, I said and killed him.
I felt empty.

I didn’t want to eat anything, my hunger was silenced for a while. I didn’t know at that time that it would return, every time. I would feed and feel satisfied but the next night I was revenously hungry again. I opened the doors and went out. The village was quiet, now. I stood in the yard and felt the night air on my naked skin. I felt also something else. The sun was rising, and as the first morning rays hit me, it hurt. I watched my skin starting to blister and smoke, and it wasn’t healing, it was getting worse. I hurried inside and the sunburn healed itself. I put my hand out of the door just to see what would happen, and the same thing happened. I couldn’t be in the sun anymore.
I looked around me. There were corpses lying all around me. I couldn’t stay here. They would find me, and understand what had happened. They would bind me to a pole and let the sun burn my sins away, and I would die a second death. I fount the cellar hatch, and went there hiding. It was lovely cool and dark there. I found a place behind the beer barrels and lay down there. I don’t have any memory of what happened during the day, I must have slept, but I don’t remember sleeping. I just closed my eyes and was dead to the world. I got up later that day and sneaked up to the inn again. It was empty now, all the bodies had been moved and someone had even washed the floor, but they couldn’t take the thick smell of blood away. It was dark and quiet and I went out again. Stars had come out, and it was beautiful. I started running again. This time with no goal.

I had been running a couple of hours and left the village far behind me, when I noticed that I wasn’t alone. Someone was running with me. I turned my head and saw the white-haired man. I stopped running. So did he.
“I can smell you have eaten”, he said.
“I have... but it was yesterday and I am hungry again.”
“That is the way it is. Where are you going?”
“I don’t know. Away.”
“Would you like to join me?”
“Why not? For a while, at least.”
“Come with me. There is a cloister nearby. We can eat there.”
I nodded my agreement, and we went to the cloister. It had thick walls, but it was not a problem for us. He climbed first and I followed him. We slipped silently in to the monastery and found the sleeping monks easily. He told me to choose a fat one, they can loose more blood without it bothering them. The one I chose woke up while I was still feeding. I stopped and looked at him, in my black nakedness, and he stared at me for a short while, unable to even scream, so scared he was, and fainted. I finished the eating, and left.
“Are you an incubus?” I asked my companion.
“Why do you ask?” he asked in return.
“The monk whose blood I was sucking woke up. I think he thought I was a demon or a nightmare. A succubus.”
“Indeed you are beautiful, my black friend.”
I looked at myself. I was still black from the soot, and still naked. I hadn’t even noticed it. Now I got very aware of it and covered myself with my arms.
“Follow me”, he said, and lead me to a castle. There were no people there, but all the things were in place, untouched, as if the castle was sleeping.
“This is my home. You can wash yourself here, and I will get you clothes. You can stay here and use everything that is in here as you like.”
“Don’t you live here?”
“I only sleep here now-a-days.”

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