Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last night I dreamed about writing...

I haven't been thinking of anything but writing the last week, it feels like.

It's day 3 of the 100 day writing challenge, and - as always - I'm getting committing anxiety :-D It doesn't feel the least sensible anymore :-D I'm going to keep my promise to myself this time, though.

Warrior Wisewoman is looking for submissions for volume 4, so if you write "Feminist" sci-fi, take a look.

Then some blogs... or something...
First I stumbled over "Back To Writing -event at Story Crafters"
The Aspiring Author has abandoned her blog. Her Book Connection looks interesting, but...

I went to Story Crafters Forum, and that isn't working anymore. *sigh* The Storycrafters' Community doesn't exist, neither does Story Crafters.The Story Crafters' blog is abandoned as well.

I found Jean Lauzier's homepage and blog though. Jean was leading the Story Crafters.

Now I'm tired. I woke up before 6 A.M. and now it's three hours later :-)

See you later, alligators :-)

Angela Booth's 100 days writing challenge

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