Saturday, September 11, 2010

Character quirks

"Language is a virus" gives "recommended links" and one of them is "1001 character quirks" - and I am a bit... well... not offended, but irritated, perhaps. Of course everyone should be able to create ebooks and sell them and buy them, if they want, but... 1001 character quirks?
I mean, quirks are... like... me not eating onions, leeks, garlic or anything alike. Me being fascinated by swords. Me wanting to have my bedlinen neatly folded and esthetically beautiful. I suppose I could write 1001 character quirks right now, just thinking about me, my husband, my family and every other person I know well enough to know about their quirks.
Of course, the ebook is not only about quirks, it's more about how to flesh the characters, but... the name puts me off. I suppose it would be a good book, as I like what J.Timothy King has to say, but... uh. What ever.

Anyway, here's some free advice on creating and writing characters:

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Name that character by Anne Marble
tips for writers at BabyNames
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The Secret to Naming Characters by J.Timothy King
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Using character sheets in fiction writing
Melanie L. Marten's character sheets for great fiction
"in depth" character sheet - several sheets and questionnaires combined
Creating a character sheet
Character Worksheet part I at Adventures at Children's Publishing, part II and part III

Jennifer Blanchard's Free character tools to help you create your NaNoWriMo Character and even more character tools

J.Timothy King: When to use character quirks
Absolutely lovely and adorable 1001 character quirks in designing a roleplay character at WOTC
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The Phobia List
50 character quirks :-)

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