Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drabble Day

Challenge from Aheila

It was the same old story, girl and boy meets, girl falls in love with the boy, perhaps he in her too, something happens and they depart. At least one heart is broken, the tears roll, words are uttered that can never be taken back again.

But while it lasted, it was wonderful. They used to walk by the canal, watching swallows write love poems on the sky. Her eyes were as blue as the sky, his were brown, and the kisses were like wine and honey.

He didn't like wine, she hated honey... perhaps it was better this way.


Anonymous said...

hm. You said in Aheila's blog comments that you didn't think this was 'about' time.

But it is, I think.

'Now' is time too, isn't it? And what is this other than a chain of 'nows' - both wonderful and terrible - that follow the girl and the boy?


Anonymous said...

This is a nice participation for your first Drabble Challenge. I hope we'll see another one next week!

I really like how you played with words and beautifully simplified yet kept the emotion of something so heavy and complicated.

Hart Johnson said...

Ih, this was fun! The Burrow (my writer's group) Drabbles quite a bit and has just posted our December feature with one each day in December.
You have a nice story here!

Ketutar said...

yes, Hart, I noticed :-D
I was there already yesterday :-)

Thank you, all of you :-)