Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blog leaping and hopping...

JAM session: Writing mechanics

I don't know mine...

When I was about 15 I wrote my first novel. It was a fantasy story of a boy, red horse and blue paper doll. I saw it in my dream, started with the dream, and then continued. I explained to my sister what it was all about, and she said something... don't know exactly what, but what I remember is that I got the impression she thought it was a bad story, boring, repetitive and cementing patriarchal gender roles. Might be she didn't think that, that perhaps it was just a bad synopsis - she never read a word of what I had written - and I easily misunderstand, but... I didn't write one more word to the story.

Then I have learned a lot from different "rules" of writing. As I pointed out in an earlier blog entry, I have learned to "skip the unnecessary burden" - which practically means everything. You know, "don't drivel, don't describe, don't use passive voice and adverbs, kill your darlings, keep it short and simple is best." Now it makes it really hard for me to write novels. I mean, of course one could call a 50K novel a novel, but it really isn't. It should have at least 15K more words, and even then it would be considered a short novel. Preferably 75-90K. I had to "kill my darlings", that is, all the "rules of writing" I have gathered during my life. I had to throw out my -ly badge.

But - to other things: Steampunk Aesthethics

"The technological marvels of the Victorian period were rare and often unique, both historically and in 19th century literature. Individuals invented new technologies based on the latest scientific and engineering discoveries. Steampunk should embrace that diversity and rarity."
Yes! I want more steam and less punk :-D Jules Verne is supposed to be an idol. :-)

If a soccer mom took over Santa...
Though... aren't they called curling moms?

Found this "interesting" (creepy, actually) "coincident" when checking if they are called curling moms: straight after each other were these results:

That was NOT what you were supposed to do with your win! I'm pretty sure there are warning texts with the curling iron that tells you NOT to do that to a baby. Should be... I wonder if someone sues the company now, because the warning texts don't tell you not to curl your baby's fingers?


Helena said...

I love that Jules Verne wrote fiction but inspired future scientists to come up with the real thing. Now that's powerful story-telling!

As for curling irons -- even I the alleged grown-up have to be careful with them, since I once tangled a hot one into my hair and had to cut my hair free of the dang thing.

Hart Johnson said...

Ack! Have you since chewed your sister out about discouraging your art? Then again, my husband is no more encouraging. I just don't believe anything he says because he hasn't read any of it.

I should read some steam punk--I love the idea of it. And it IS fabulous that Jules Verne could inspire that way.

Yeah... the soccermom santa stuff... I have trouble with soccer moms... I even technically was one very briefly, but the real serious 'manage their children' sort... bug the hell out of me. let your KID choose their passion, dammit.

Ketutar said...

Helena, OUCH!

Hart, yes :-D
But, on the other hand there are kids who don't choose their passion, but do what is expected of them, get good at it, and will enjoy doing it.
I have been reading a lot about "talent" lately... and it seems there is no such thing. Isn't it interesting? The whole world lies open in front of you, it's just to take what you want...