Monday, December 6, 2010

December Blog Parties :-)

Harry Potter blog fest
Write 500 words Harry Potter fan fiction about the theme "holidays"
Use any characters from any of the 7 books, for example the house elves and post it in your blog on the 11th of December.

Midwinter Blogfest
Write about your main character's Midwinter celebrations (not more than 500 words) and post it in your blog on 11th of December :-D

Christmas Tales blog fest
write anything Christmassy (under 1000 words, preferably :-D) and post it in your blog on 12th of December

Twisted Christmas fairytale
Write 500-1000 words twisted fairytale and post it in your blog on 18th of December :-D

Be Jolly By Golly blog hop feast
Blog about your Christmas/Yule/Chanukkah/whatever on December 20th.

12 days of yule blog party
Post from 20th to 31st about the given themes

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Ellie said...

Thank you for signing up to my blogfest and giving it a mention!