Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh so tired...

I arrived a couple of hours ago, and I have eaten and slept, so I'm better, but I'm tired, depressed and in slight pain.
I wasn't good at taking my medicine and now I'm afraid I have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
I have been living with my hypersensitive respiratory system with some asthmatic reactions and I'm allergic to animals, dust mites and such things, and I have been living in a messy home with animals for too long, and now my lungs are closing down...

I really feel I'm getting paranoid and hypochondriac, seeing spooks in shadows and suspecting every mole of being malicious skin cancer, every consequence of my overweight of being a serious health problem, every normal stroke of flu of being something serious with my lungs.

It's kind of laughable and at the same time sad, because I am frightened.


Dirgesinger said...

Healing thoughts from Hungary!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweetheart. I am sorry. I wish I could help. Well I can, a bit and I am - I'll be more careful about vacuuming, now that we have a Turbo Vacuum cleaner :D

I love you,