Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ah! O Ve! Oh, Fah!

Ok, the story goes like this.

I am writing my NaNo and it's going pretty well. I have some 7000 words written now, and it's day 3, which means I'm more than a day ahead of the schedule.

It won't probably last for long though, as I am to fly to Finland tomorrow, and cannot take my laptop with me, because it weighs some kilos anyway, and I need the space to something warm to sleep in, because it's freezing in Finland where my mother lives, and... anyway, I'm going to Finland for a week, tomorrow.

My considerate, loving and kind husband bought me a new mouse. Tiny thing, wireless, easier to use for my so often aching hands. He comes home with his prey and, naturally, wants me to try the new gadget. I'm not that into trying new things the first possible second, but, how could you say no, huh? He indeed is so kind and nice, and did buy me a mouse to make it easier, and he is so eager to try it and all that, so of course I said yes.

Now, the problem is that I was writing my NaNo when he came home, and as I got distracted, by him coming home, by the new mouse, and I am a little stressed by the trip, so I forgot to save.

We were trying out the new mouse and it didn't want to work too well, and at some point something happened, and the computer understood I wanted to shut down Word. It does what it always does, that is asks if I want to save, or not, or cancel, and in my stress over everything going on, I clicked the wrong option. That is "don't save". Poof!

Also, I hadn't put the Word in my laptop to make a safety copy of what I'm writing, so there's no safety copy.


Luckily, it was only a couple of hundred words, and I could still remember pretty much what it was about, but... There's always this nasty feeling that what I wrote first would have been the best version, and this second one is not as good and will never be either.

Anyway, I came here to read some other blogs, and Watery Tart managed to say just the right thing to comfort a woman in despair.


Hart Johnson said...

*giggles* Happy to be of service... though I think I wanted Gerry in bonds... he looks so much better tied up... or maybe that's just me.

Do you need to be wished luck to cope with your mother? Maybe that is just me, too...

I hope you have a good trip, and I hope you manage to be productive both before and after--be sure to take a notebook so you can plot the later stuff (or maybe even write some of your book by hand) while you are gone.

Helena said...

I know exactly how you must've felt. Once I lost close to a thousand words when my computer froze. I was depressed the rest of the day. But your husband's sweetness must have made you feel better. And so did Gerry.

Ketutar said...

You are so sweet, both of you :-)

Coping is ok, she was much better than I thought, I think seeing us (my sister and me) made her feel better and thus heal a bit too. :-)
Luck is always welcome :-D

I did have a notebook with me, but managed to write down only some 1000 words. I suppose they'll grow in writing, but I'm in the "my story is so boring I don't even want to think about it" phase now :-D

Yes, my own and other half-naked, good-looking men do help in every problem :-D