Monday, November 2, 2009

I went to the doctor's...

and we did discuss my future. *sigh* She hinted at the possibility of me having Asperger's syndrome. Ok... what does it mean? How is it going to influence my future? I don't recognize myself of the descriptions at all. I feel awkward and clumsy, but don't everyone? I know I'm not. I have no problems in communicating and I'm highly empathic person. I never spoke like a little professor, and even though I knew a lot of certain things, these things were many. I knew all about horses, birds, Lord of the Rings, sheep, stars, mythology, well... anything I happened to get interested in. Yes, I'm shy, a grey mouse, but people don't see me as cold. I don't know. Perhaps there are different shades, and I'm not like others. Just like everyone else :-D (Who ARE these others, anyway, because no-one is like them?)
I'm having an emotional hangover and I'm feeling really, really, REALLY bad.

So, I'm just going to share a couple of things. You remember the Elizabeth Rose writing thingy I posted about some 2 months ago?
Here's something to be added: learning to be a good Muse "owner".
Here's another little something I read about yesterday: training your brains.

This is very important for us NaNoWriters: Stop multitasking. There really isn't a need for that, and most often it's just a question of doing a lot of jobs badly, not doing anything well, and in the end procrastinating, and needing to do the darned list again tomorrow. Do one job at a time, do it well, finish it, forget about it. Next item on the list.

If you STILL don't know what to write for NaNoWriMo, here's some help: NaNoWriMo tools you need for your writing journey by Angela Booth.

Here's Chuck Palachiuk's 13 tips to a writer

It seems that Men with Pens are having a week long fiction writing course :-)

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