Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fourth day, and I'm still on!

I have broken my record! YAY!

I also read about people who have already written more than 10.000 words. One girl had written over 25.000 words. Already. In three days. *blah!* One woman is writing three novels at the same time and keeps up with the word count in all three!

On the other hand... I write quickly, and if I just had gone into the habit of writing, I could do that too. I write about 60-65 words per minute, which means that if I just wrote, and not think, and not go and do research in the middle of writing, and not edit, I would be able to write all 50.000 words in about 13 hours. He. That is, if I started 8 A.M. kept half an hour "coffee breaks" after every 4 hours of work, I would be finished 10.30 P.M.
I could well divide that for two days, which means that I would be working 6-7 hours every day, have a lunch break in the middle, and be free from 3.30 P.M. - and have written the book in two days.
Interesting, isn't it? I could well write my two books every month, with plenty of time left for research and editing...

I do write only for a couple of hours every day. I try to keep up with the 2000 words a day count, and finish with 60.000 words draft in the end of November.

It really doesn't take long to write... I am just not used to write. There's a tiny editor inside my head... or "editor" I should say, because real-life editors are amazing, and mine isn't. She's just a pedantic besser-wisser and perfectionist who tells me everything I write is crap.
I know I write some crap, but mostly what I write is good.

I have been thinking what to call my genre.

It's not romance, it's not chick lit, but it's similar, so I could call it "women's fiction" - even though I don't write my book with women in mind. I hope people of any gender would read and appreciate my writing, but my main characters are all women, or defined by women in their lives, and it's very much centered around home and relationships, so I assume the majority of my readers will be women.
It's steampunk inspired, but because I don't explain any gadgets, machines and such, it's not sci-fi, or strictly speaking steampunk either. I'm speaking of what happens behind the scenes in a steampunk world. What a normal, common contemporary fiction novel would be, if the normal, common world was a steampunk world. As the history of my world turned out differently than this world we are living in right now, it cannot be classified as historical fiction either. I think it would be classified as fantasy, but it's not medieval fantasy, and there are no dragons and fairies and vampires and werewolves around, and no-one has superpowers or paranormal abilities, so I think classifying it as fantasy would be saying it's something it's not.

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Pamela said...

I believe in the old addage "slow and steady wins the race." I'm not so sure that having high word counts so early is healthy for a person's novel.

I love how you did the math to figure out how quickly you could accomplish it!

Good luck meeting your goal!!

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