Sunday, November 1, 2009

I don't want to go to the doctor...

We are going to discuss my future. Blah.

I'd much rather sit at home and write my nano :-)

Here's something that might interest you:

The Literary Lab is organizing a short story writing contest. Write anything, every genre is welcome. It's less than 2000 words, one day's work, or two, if you edit the thing you wrote :-D - I think it might be an interesting thing to do in the middle of the NaNoWriMo :-D

Here's 5 things to do to GET READY for NaNoWriMo... a bit late, but better late than never ;-)
Here's Lynn Viehl's NaNo-list. As said, not too late :-) If you plan to write 2000 words a day too, you will end up with 56000 words, so it's 6000 words over the goal, if you start tomorrow :-)

Then I have been reading a little of Alicia Rasley's Writer's Corner, because I've been a good girl and written over 3000 words the first day :-D

Nevertheless... I doubt I'll keep up with the good work the rest of the month. I probably won't even be able to produce a nice little short story of only 2000 words for the contest. I probably won't write another fictional word this year. Knowing me... I'd rather surf the net and collect information about writing ;-)

(Tehee! Guess what just happened! My computer was slow, I was quick, and I closed the tab holding my blog entry, and it hadn't autosaved, so everything I had written disappeared!)

But if you like, visit me at NaNoWriMo :-)

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