Friday, March 8, 2013

Unsolved mysteries

Sounds interesting. Book material ;-)


Helena said...

My late Dad was a geologist, and he had a theory that the hum near Taos might be caused by the movement of sands -- he wrote his theory down and I saved it somewhere. Maybe I'll pull it out and think up a story around it.

Another mystery is about the "moving stones" in Death Valley. We know these stones move and they leave a trail, but no one has seen them move or explained them.

Ketutar said...

I have heard a theory about the moving stones, which was very reasonable, but I have forgotten it... :-(
Geologist... such a fascinating job, I think. My dad is an engineer, and that is another fascinating job. The world is full of fascinating things!
I think we are very blessed to be writers so we get to poke all these fascinating things :-D
To think that not everyone can write...