Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm getting back on writing :-)

After four months of no writing to speak of, I'm getting interested again :-)

Angels and demons, vampires, dragons, fairies... aliens. We describe all supernatural, paranormal creatures to come from the skies or beyond, "extraterrestials", aliens, space creatures, when in reality they are just as terrestial as the rest of us.

John Gray, a vampire, loves to read vampire stories, and discuss them with his human friend, Celine. Celine has a slight crush on John, and John knows this, and teases her about it, because he like having her as a friend. He's more than 300 years old, and the game of love, sex and blood has grown old and boring. It's all the time the same. Stupid teen-aged girls believe to be "The One" who changes you, whom you'll love and who will rescue and save your soul... and it never happens. Human are simple creatures, easily controlled, easily manipulated, especially when you were once one yourself. It takes only a lifetime to know man, and that all men - and women - are the same, and that's all it takes.

A young dragoness visited them every now and then, and she was foolish enough not to have learned the finer aspects of human control. When she first met Celine, she asked if she was John's pet, and he answered that she was his friend. Similar but better than pet.

People were always speaking of the coldness of vampires, the lack of feelings, but in reality it was lack of chemicals, good for nothing but disturbing the thinking process. His brain was still working as it always had been, but now the human needs and emotions weren't bothering him. Sure, it had been amusing to seduce girls, even older women who should have known better, for a while, but in the end it stole time from more interesting issues. Also, there is a saying of youth being wasted on young people. He was as good as youth, stronger, healthier, more handsome, perfect, so why would he behave as youth when he had the wisdom and experience of old age? No, sex and partying was for the young people, he wanted more of life. Friends, among other things. It was sad though that everyone was immature compared to him, but in time he learned to appreciate the quality of being unspoiled and fresh. It was also amusing to see young people have the insights anew he had had already so many lifetimes ago.

Now he was reading the new books about vampires being written by young women, and in everyone the vampires were presented as sexually desirable. Depending on what was considered exciting at the time, the vampires were given other qualities. Some 50 years ago danger was arousing, now it was romantic, eternal love. In a time when ethics and morals weren't so strict and limiting, old-fashioned values were seen as something exotic and interesting. Nevertheless, the mere idea of a vampire falling in love...

"Do they really think this story is believable?" he asked Celine.

"Yes, it's romantic!"

"I'm sorry but isn't this man supposed to be over hundred years old?"


"And he has never loved a woman in his life?"


"But now he sees this girl and falls in love with her immediately, passionately and possessively?"

"Er... yes..."

"And she as all teenagers have no idea of what they actually want, like, think or prefer, but she decides the best thing for her is to become a vampire as well."

"Yes, because she couldn't live without him."

"It is surprising how well we actually can live without everyone and everything we have ever loved, Celine. I'm sure this girl would think differently in some 20 years. Most likely she won't understand what she ever saw in this man."

"But that's the thing, it's love! She will love him forever, and he will love her, and they will live forever, together, young and beautiful. It's a lovely story, John! I don't expect you to understand, as you have never loved anyone, but..."

"I see... so the author made her a vampire because it is impossible for a man and a woman to love each other for as long as they both shall live. Wouldn't it be lovelier, if she grew old as normal human beings do, and live being loved by him, and die in his arms, being loved by him, even as she is old and sick? I think it would be more romantic that way. Also, kinder to her surroundings. What about her parents? Are they never to see her again, because she will always be a teenager, and never to have children..."

"She will have children."

"With whom?"

"With the vampire."

"With the vampire?" John laughed. "I love this author. I have to have all her books. Though I suppose there won't be any more books about this couple after she has given them their happy ending, forever after, young and beautiful, frolicking in the forest together in eternal love..."

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