Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 3 of the challenge

And I have already failed miserably... I have a plot. I try to keep it as simple as I possibly can, just a love story, nothing but a love story, but the things just keep creeping in.

I also fear my characters have personalities. I'm fighting hard to keep them down, but... I cannot. I simply like them too much. :-D

Third thing is that I hate purple. :-D Writing purple prose is very difficult, when every time I write -ly, my inner editor is there with the red pen telling me to take it off. I simply cannot write about scintillating arms... to me the word "scintillating" refers to someone's personality.

I have also the problem that my experience of love is very down to earth and I never liked Romeo and Juliet. I don't understand people who would kill themselves because someone leaves them. There's plenty of fish in the sea, and even though all the fish isn't beautiful and perfect, I don't believe in True Love and The Right One, and I don't believe your beauty is a reflection of your true nature. It's just a result of biology with quite a lot of work - even a plain person who takes care of himself looks better than a beautiful person who doesn't. Just look at Hollywood! Most of the people are quite plain, but with movie magic and hard work from themselves, make-up artists and costumers, they are all wonderfully beautiful ;-)

Also... I have my scruples in producing more crap to the world just to write a best-seller and get rich.

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