Thursday, May 31, 2012

25 things...

terrible mind rambles about aspiring writers.

Yeah. I know. I go and write.


Helena said...

These were great! And I definitely could relate to several points, especially "Point is, fuck the One True Way. Doesn’t exist." I am so tired of reading interviews with established big-time writers who talk about the way they write and say it's the only way. Like how you must write every day. Hey, I don't and I still have a few manuscripts and a couple real books to show for myself. But bestsellerdom? It's the eternal mystery even the biggest publishers have never figured out.

Ketutar said...

Well... "best seller" is all about having one's book being sold in right places at the right time, and if you happen to write a book like Da Vinci Code, which has fascinating premises, and get a big company's best efforts to sell it - most writers just are not marketers, and shouldn't be either.
In many ways it was better when fewer books got published and they were properly edited before publishing... but in that case we would have missed a lot of good books - or popular books, which is what "best seller" is. Not necessarily the same.