Sunday, May 29, 2011

750 words

I like the site, also, because it has these interesting statistics...
As you write what's from the top of your head, your attitudes, interests and writing style comes VERY visible.

What? I write like five times more "sexual content" than your average writer? And about half the violence, and only 1/4 of swearing. Oh.

 I know I'm bound to use less articles than your average English user, because I'm Finnish and we don't have those nasty little things in our language!
I'm also happy to see I use less adverbs than your average writer :-D Together with qualifiers, I actually use MORE than your average writer... the avg is 19.6 and my score is 19.8.
I thought I used more "ahs and ums", because of the idea of the 750 words.
I am also really negative :-D

Oops... that means that I spend a lot of time ranting about "them"...

Use a lot of past tense...

and - to my surprise - talk a lot about things I see.

So - if you are going to write BuNoWriMo, you might want to write it at 750 words... just a suggestion ;-)
Join the site now, if you aren't already in, join the monthly challenge, and kill two flies with one strike.

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