Sunday, September 13, 2009

Writer's Block? Nah...

I just don't feel like writing. Writing the book, that is. I feel like writing, so I am here :-) Writing :-D

The writer's block is only due to high expectations, perfectionism, doubt on one's ability. The thing is that there is no reason for that. No-one says your book is going to be published. You are not writing to be published, you are writing, because you are a writer, you love writing, you love telling the story. You might not care for editing - even though that is rather fun too - or selling the story - which can be fun too - but you are a writer because you like writing. You are a writer because you write.

Now - to "get over writer's block", all you need to do is - write.


Now, of course, if you are on a deadline, you MUST write a certain thing, but it won't be a problem, if you keep up your skill by writing something every single day of your life. The more you write, the more you write. LOL Sounds obvious, but it really is ;-) You see, the more you write, the more accustomed to writing you get, the easier it becomes to write, it becomes natural, easy, flowing, you get used to express yourself by writing - so you write more.

When I was at school the essay writing was my absolute favorite. It was so easy. I sat down and after the hour I had at least 4 pages written full, usually more. I have read what I wrote then, and the style is very nice, the text flows, is coherent, there are very few grammatical mistakes and even fewer mistakes in style.
When I was a member of an internet debate forum with 6000 characters limit in messages, I quickly got the nickname "6000 characters are not enough".
I'm sure this fits to most of the writers. We are all really good at writing, spouting words and letters. The "thing" with writer's block is that we start THINKING, editing, criticizing, questioning, valuating... we stop writing.

I have realized that my writing is very much connected to the mood I'm in and inspiration. I must feel like it to do it. I won't be able to write one, single thing in a month or a week, but I will probably be able to write seven novels, two plays and a collection of poems in a year.

I have found out that I am not bad at writing plays. The form is so different, and I haven't read more than Hamlet and In The Morning The Sun Rises or something like that, about a couple or something, so I haven't been thinking about that. There was a playwriting competition though, and I thought of joining, and wrote a play in two days. It's rather horrible at the moment, needs a LOT of editing, and I won't be joining the competition (the finished plays should be at the jury's tomorrow), but the base is great, I think. I would very much like to see it on stage.

I was also thinking about something Sumner Redstone said, a notice I have also made. Creative people tend to be creative in several different areas. Actors are usually good at singing, models at acting, Madonna's books are not bad... Chances are that if you are good at drawing, you are also good at writing, singing, acting... Might be that you wouldn't manage as a rocket scientist or brain surgeon, but you could well write music and lyrics, sing it and paint the record cover. I wish I had more education in music. I wish I knew how to play more instruments and how to compose music...

Which leads me to a different thing... Neil Gaiman keeps doing a lot of different things all the time. He writes novels, short stories, children's books, graphic novels, plays, poems - everything. It looks like he's directing a movie now... don't know what he means with that, but never mind.

I actually was going to say something, but I went to find his blog URL to add it here and found "Shelfari" and got trapped there, so I forgot what I was saying... sorry. :-)

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