Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Carrots or no carrots?

Elizabeth Rose says in her How to Write a Novel in 30 Days also that one needs to reward oneself for reaching the day's goal, and also to share the day's goal into smaller steps and to reward one after fulfilling each little step.

If I am to write 3000 words a day, that's about 12 pages, and that's half a chapter - I could reward myself after each page and each chapter as part goals. I could also reward myself after every 1000 words.

I don't know what would be a good reward... I don't like soaking in bathtub, giving myself a pedicure or manicure or "pampering" me in other such ways. I'm not that girly girl... and I don't like the idea of rewarding myself with food. I weigh too much already as it is... so it's hard to find things to reward myself with. It's also hard to find things to reward myself with, because we don't have much money. It should be cheap or free and not food...

I like pens, paper, stationery, notebooks, color pencils, markers, folders, bookmarks - I could get myself a "grab bag" filled with this kind of stuff. There's also a lot of freebies out there.

I like books. I could go to a second hand store and buy myself a book, or to a library and borrow some good, interesting books, and read them as a reward. Or have them read out loud, either by hubby or as an audio book. Or I could take my book out and sit on the grass or by the lake and read.

I like art. I could give myself an hour surfing Deviant Art favorites, some art supplies, an hour of making art... I could go to an art gallery or museum.

I like museums and aquariums too.

I like games. I'd love it if hubby would play a game with me... I could also spend an hour playing computer games, or puzzle

I like walking in the forest. I could take a half an hour walk.

One idea I find somewhat interesting is badges... you know, like scout badges. Like making myself a notebook with pretty ribbons in the back, and the ribbons are the reward... buy 30 cm pretty ribbon to be sown in the back of the book. Or crazy quilt square...

I could also make myself ATCs with pretty boys...

Or make myself block cards with words... learning a language.

Charm bracelet? The silver charms are not that expensive...

I could give myself a plant for each book. Or have a cactus garden or terrarium with plants... Small cacti are quite cheap.

I can also put a "gold coin" in a jar as reward and when the jar is full, buy me something nice with the money.

I could rent a nice, romantic movie as a chapter reward. When I have finished a chapter, I may take the rest of the day off, rent a movie and just enjoy

I could give myself a magazine subscription as a reward for finishing the book.

Also, as I HAVE to eat, I could reward myself by making it special... like having a picknick or using the best china and so on. Perhaps having dessert? Or reward me with a cup of special tea...

Writing and Rewards

On the other hand... For Best Results, Forget the Bonus

Isn't writing supposed to be so lovely that you'd do it without rewards? Isn't writing its own reward? Isn't the book the reward of writing a book?

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